Mental Fitness

We can’t control the wind and the waves but we can learn to become awesome surfers.

Dear Helen! Dear Shirzad!

I want to say THANK YOU!

Thank you for your kind and patient help! Thank you for the love, patience and support! Thank you for the inspiration and great new ideas! Thank you for the insight and explanation of the functioning of my brain!

Thank you for helping me rewire my brain and find new neural pathways that help me to centre myself! Thank you for showing compassion and kindness and love and teaching me to do the same! Thank you for the fun, laughter and peace! Thank you for showing me how to live life differently and how to appreciate life and what I have!

Thank you for showing me that I am ok and lovable, huggable and totally acceptable! Thank you for showing me how to accept myself, others and different circumstances and not to judge and criticize! Thank you for the inspiration, the explanations and understanding! Thank you for being the new calm voice in my head that brings me back to calmness, focus and clear laser sharp action!

Thank you for helping me fall asleep at night! Thank you for helping me cope with my high pain levels! Thank you for showing me new eating habits! Thank you for teaching me how to breathe and live in the moment! Thank you for keeping me totally entertained with great videos and the audiobook and of course the gym! Thank you for the new friends!

I am sure I can think of so much more but most of all THANK YOU for bringing Positive Intelligence to me and working through it with me!

                    23 November 2020inv-comma-right