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We need to remember that ‘not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced’.

So the journey of confronting our ‘blind spots’ begins…

This is indeed a fascinating journey that we are ALL on with limitless opportunities for us to discover…

Research on hundreds of CEOs and their Executive teams, Stanford University students, world-class athletes, and over 500 000 participants from 50 countries has shown that lasting change requires 20% INSIGHT and 80% MENTAL FITNESS TRAINING.

What this means is that we can read amazing books, attend stimulating workshops and seminars, have incredible AHA moments – but none of this is sustainable without mental fitness … other words creating alternative neural pathways to sustain the behavioural and emotional change.

In order for us to enhance our capacity to deal with life challenges from a positive rather than from a negative mindset leads us to PQ reps.

What is a PQ rep?

It is 10 seconds of focused attention on one physical sensation – this is critical to practice in order to rewire our brains.

A question often asked is what is the difference between a PQ rep, Mindfullness practice and Meditation?

Meditation and Mindfulness are specialised forms of PQ reps….the PQ reps are the building blocks for Meditation and Mindfullness practice, they are versatile and can be used in any situation, with eyes open or eyes closed.